The 'White Isle' Rediscovered And The New 'Port Ibiza Town'

Posted Nov. 12, 2016, 2:10 p.m.

The 'White Isle' Rediscovered


And The New 'Port Ibiza Town'


By Steve White


(This complete editorial can be found at: Edition 30)



Your grandfather went to Sardinia, your father went to St Tropez and you go to Ibiza! 


This simple catchphrase sums up the ascendancy of Ibiza as the 'go to' spot for the super rich and their friends over the past five years. 


Ibiza, known for many years as the 'kiss me quick' package holiday centre for Northern European sun worshippers, has now become 'ultra glam' and the new playground of the rich and famous! From Hollywood stars, to European royalty Ibiza is firmly now on the calendar and along with Cannes, Monaco, St. Barths, Miami and Gstaad is one of the best places to be seen.


The recent changes to the matriculation laws for yacht ownership and the introduction of a fair large yacht charter licence has also lead to the larger Mediterranean yachting fleet being able to extend their charter and cruising season into mid October, getting away from the cold and windy south of France and taking advantage of Ibiza's location further south in the western Mediterranean.


To accommodate these 'westward' lookers large development plans have been taking place in the Spanish Riviera and Balearic Islands. First rate facilities such as ‘Philip Stark’s’ Port Adriano in the south west of Mallorca and the superb and ultra modern ‘One Ocean Port Vell Marina’ development in Barcelona have given yacht owners and charterers destinations worthy of their attention.


Behind all this is a well established and respected maritime infrastructure including mammoth companies with worldwide reach such as the ‘BC Agency’ that caters for the various needs of a majority of the well established cruise-ship market and now yachts with its new company ‘Lantimar Yachting’ and the ever expanding and a market leader in the shipyard world, ‘MB92 in Barcelona’.


At the forefront of this redevelopment and expansion for the mega yacht fleet is Port Ibiza Town which sits smack bang in the middle of the Western Mediterranean's Jewel in the crown- ‘the White isle’ of Ibiza. 


Over the last decades this valuable and perfectly situated part of the port was used as the main car ferry dock to the mainland, which lead to congestion and pollution in a part of this ancient Town that should have been the focus of Ibiza's historic and beautiful Centre. A collaboration between the town hall, the Ports of the Balearics, The Ibiza Chamber of Commerce and various yacht captains and experts lead to the ferry dock being moved to the newly constructed cruise terminal near to the new outer port wall, paving the way for the fabulously located Port Ibiza Town development.


Historically the sizes of yachts that have visited these shores have in the majority been of the smaller 20-40m market and these yachts have been handsomely catered for by marinas such as Botafoch and Ibiza Nuevo. Port Ibiza Town or The Old Port as the Captains call it caters specifically for 40m and above vessels and can handle yachts up to 185m in length, all either stern to or alongside. 


Set at the bottom of the old town, under the shadow of historic fortifications, Port Ibiza Town is the perfect location from which to enjoy a few days or, more essentially, nights in this bustling city. Easy access to the Airport, only a few steps from the Old Town itself and a short car ride from the best clubs, restaurants and hotels, Port Ibiza Town has without doubt enhanced the town and Island and with the further planned developments this world class marina will soon be offering everything required of a Superyacht’s crew and more essentially guests, when they come to taste everything Ibiza.


Geographically the Island is easy to reach, with direct flights from most European cities and the island is linked with Barcelona as its main hub airport for international and continental transfers. Ferries run multiple times daily between Ibiza, Barcelona, Denia and Mallorca.


Cruising the Balearic Islands is a must for all yachting enthusiasts, with short distances between breathtaking and diverse scenery, there are very few comparisons worldwide. Couple this with the ancient art of hospitality that the Spanish are famed for and some of the world's greatest cuisine and wines, what more could yacht owners or charterers ask for!


The three main island of Mallorca, Ibiza and Minorca have a multitude of smaller islands to explore. From the West to the east of the Balearic islands the variety is extreme from the 'night life' of Ibiza’s San Antonio there is the Mecca for club life experience, close by are the anchorages and beaches off Ibiza's little sister, the famous island of Formentera to enjoy. In the east of the Balearic’s on the island of Minorca is the breath-taking natural harbour of Mahon, once favoured as the British Royal Naval Mediterranean headquarters and now the entire area is a World Heritage site. In between these two extremities there lays a literal myriad of experiences, the World Heritage site the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca’s north coast, the old town of Palma and it’s famous Gothic Cathedral and many of Europe’s best golf courses dotted like Oasis all over the Balearic’s main Island of Mallorca, the list is endless!


In short, Ibiza ‘The White Isle’ is at the centre of a revolution in the minds of those cruising in the Mediterranean, it does not detract from the various other established areas such as the French Riviera or Sardinia, but enhances and expands Owners and charterer’s options experiences and availability as the season is longer. First class facilities, established infrastructure and rich culture are all located in a safe and secure part of the Mediterranean, this is the perfect cruise waiting to happen.



Port Ibiza town at : Tel: +34 971 193870



BC Agency and Lantimar Yachting


One Ocean Port Vell                 

Port Adriano